6 Types of online customer service you can implement for the holiday season - Trustpilot Business Blog (2023)

Helping customers is an essential part of every business strategy, but did you know it’s also an essential part of your marketing strategy?

During the holiday season, it's important for businesses like yours to always think about how you can deliver value to shoppers and customers. After all, your customers are your company’s most precious asset. If a business doesn't treat its customers well, its reputation might spread, shrinking the customer base and making it harder to acquire new customers at the beginning of the year.

Customer service is something every business has thought about before, yet, it often gets pushed down the list when more important things come up, especially during the busiest time of the year.

But what if we told you that your customer service strategy could be immensely valuable to your marketing department in Q4?

At Christmas, the right customer service strategy will help your business keep customers happy, and bring your customer service team more insights on what works, and what you could improve in the new year. It's also an opportunity for your marketing team to leverage happy customers to amplify your company's marketing efforts.

In this article, we’ll run you through different types of customer service, and how you can create useful, unique and relevant content for each of them in order to deliver seamless experiences this holiday season.

Online customer services you can implement right now

1. FAQs

When your customer service team is repeatedly answering the same questions, it’s time to consider creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your website. It’s a useful and easy way to add unique, relevant content and assist confused customers in the middle of their purchase journey.

An FAQ page lets you address common pain points to reduce the number of calls or emails. We highly recommend organising your FAQ page by categories, to help customers find the answer to their question faster, and understand your product or service better. It’s also recommended to make your FAQ pages accessible from any of your channels, such as a website, blog, social accounts. This will save both you and your customers a lot of time.

When first developing a FAQ, start by polling your customer service department and directly reaching out to customers to find the most common and important questions prospects may have.

Trustpilot’s tips:

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  • Make the FAQ page easy to navigate by creating different categories of questions and showing related questions on individual pages.

  • Consider answering some of the questions in a tutorial, a short video, or by leveraging images to clarify your answers.

  • Add a search bar that anticipates your customers’ questions as they type.

2. Demos and webinars

If you’ve recently spent some time on social channels, you’ve probably noticed that video has taken over the internet. It's a great way to share information quickly, clearly and efficiently, especially when we're all exposed to so much content online.

To keep your viewers engaged, aim for 1-minute long videos when it comes to demos, tutorials, or help videos, and half-an-hour for webinars, which can be dedicated to teaching customers how to make the most of your service or product.

Trustpilot’s tips:

  • Create short explainer videos to help your customers find what they’re looking for.

  • Keep the videos short to keep your customers fully engaged.

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  • Share your most popular and useful videos on social channels.

3. Social support

Your social media accounts might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of customer service. However, when looking for answers, customers will be checking all of your brand’s channels. If they’re using Google to look for you, your social channels might be one of the first links to show up, so it’s important to make sure you’re meeting expectations.

Social media has become an essential tool to reach out to customers and to help them too. Your social media manager or community manager should be trained to answer any question your customers might have or to guide them to the right place. By being responsive and helpful, you’re publicly showing people how committed you are to consumers and customers.

Trustpilot’s tips:

  • Make sure that someone is constantly monitoring your social accounts and responding to customers as quickly as possible.

  • Recycle your FAQ’s content and explainer videos on your social channels.

  • In doubt, always share your customer service team’s contact details.

4. On-site help

On-site live chats are another great customer service tool to engage with your existing and potential customers. They offer real-time convenience to customers and help your customer service team build stronger relationships with online shoppers.

Helping your customers out in real time also means your business is more likely to resolve their issues faster, keeping them engaged and interested, and increasing their confidence directly on your product page. This will also help your customer service team move through requests and complaints faster than usual.

Did you know that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer? It's also advised to implement live chat on pages that are converting at a 2% rate or less right now.

Trustpilot’s tips:

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  • Don’t make the access to the chat over-complicated. Ask for your customers' email addresses and order numbers, that should be enough to get the conversation started.

  • Make the chat a pop-up widget on the right-hand side. You don’t want your customers to be looking for assistance, you want them to know it’s always here for them if they need it.

6 Types of online customer service you can implement for the holiday season - Trustpilot Business Blog (2)

H&M make their online chat easy to find and use

5. Email

Is email too impersonal to deliver great customer service?

We don’t think so. Email is a great way for customers to know they will be getting an answer to their question, especially when faced with closed live chats and closed phone lines outside of working hours or over the holiday season.

Have you ever needed to chat to a customer service team after 6pm or on a public holiday? Yes, we’ve all been through this, and it’s a struggle.

This is why the safest way to contact a customer service team is still email. The key to a great customer service via email is to come across as a friendly brand who really cares, no matter the circumstances. Things are easily misinterpreted by email, so it's important to be extremely careful. You should also ensure that the first reply comes as soon as possible. Even if the message is merely to let the customer know you've received their request, it shows that your customer’s question or issue is being addressed, which brings people the reassurance they need.

Trustpilot’s tips:

  • Use your customer’s first name, and whatever the issue is, always apologise.

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  • Offer one or more (ideally, more) solutions to your customer’s problem.

  • If the customer replies to your email, make sure the same customer service assistant picks up the conversation. There’s nothing worse than having to explain your problem all over again.

6. Customer reviews

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools a company can use today. The truth is, 84% of consumers do not trust advertisements anymore, and we recently observed an 11% decline in trust globally, with only 71% of people admitting they trust brands out there.

With 89% of global consumers checking online reviews as part of their online buying journey and 49% of global consumers considering positive reviews one of their top 3 purchase influences, collecting reviews is an easy way to create fresh, up to date, and helpful content every day, as well as build a strong customer service using your own customers’ voice.

Some common questions are often answered in your customers’ reviews such as product quality, delivery, or a company’s return policy. Utilising reviews as a customer service tool allows you to answer some of your visitors’ questions via user-generated content. By encouraging your customers to leave reviews, and by showcasing your customers' feedback, you’re helping other customers who might be looking for additional information.

Online reviews are also another great tool to assist customers having issues with their order, or to thank loyal customers. Indeed, third-party review platforms allow you to interact with customers leaving online reviews, answer their questions, and help solve their issues.

Trustpilot’s tips:

  • Encourage your customers to leave feedback by sending them review invitations.

  • Use your customers’ feedback as insights to identify what your customer service team could improve

  • Use user-generated content to answer some of your new visitors’ common questions.

  • Don't forget to showcase your online reviews across different channels and touchpoints of the journey to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Providing different types of customer service during the busiest shopping season of the year can help keep your audience stay engaged. It can also help you convert more, reduce churn and turn existing customers into loyal brand advocates.

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We understand Q4 is a busy time for every business out there, but delivering great customer service is more important now than ever before.

If you'd like to find out more about delivering great customer experiences during the holiday season, why not book a free Trustpilot demo? It's quick and easy, just click the link below.

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What are the 3 most effective methods to reach your best customers? ›

8 Simple Ways to Reach out to Your Customers
  • Know your audience. ...
  • Provide consistent customer experience. ...
  • Invest in Content Marketing. ...
  • Take advantage of customers' testimonials. ...
  • Set up a referral program. ...
  • Stay connected via newsletter. ...
  • Listen to your customers' feedback. ...
  • Demonstrate your products or services.
23 Jun 2017

What is the best example of customer service you have come across? ›

What is an example of customer service? One example of customer service is when a customer receives a product (say, a sweatshirt) and the item doesn't fit. You would need to provide a way for the customer to reach out to you so that they can either return the product or exchange it for a different size.

What are customer typologies? ›

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Discount customers: Customers that shop frequently but base buying decisions primarily on markdowns. Need-based customers: Customers with the intention of buying a specific product. Wandering customers: Customers that are not sure of what they want to buy.

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  • Friendliness.
  • Empathy.
  • Fairness.
  • Control.
  • Alternatives.
  • Information.
  • Time.
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  • Basic Service.
  • Expected Service.
  • Desired Service.
  • Surprising Service.
  • Unbelievable Service.

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Let us discuss the best practices of how to meet customer needs and build stronger relationships.
  • Deliver quality customer support. ...
  • Map your customer journey. ...
  • Measure customer satisfaction regularly. ...
  • Be consistent in customer communication. ...
  • Develop a customer centric culture. ...
  • Enhance the USP of your product.
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What are the 4 keys to customer service? ›

There are four key principles of good customer service: It's personalized, competent, convenient, and proactive. These factors have the biggest influence on the customer experience.

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  • Identify Your Ideal New Customers. ...
  • Use Direct Response Marketing to Attract Customers. ...
  • Give Something Away to Entice New Customers. ...
  • Give Your Business a Face Lift to Increase Sales. ...
  • Get The (Right) Word Out.

What are the 7 qualities of good customer service? ›

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  • Problem-Solving Skills. The number one skill you need to excel in for good customer service is problem-solving. ...
  • Clear Communication. ...
  • Friendly Attitude. ...
  • Empathy. ...
  • Business Acumen. ...
  • Product/Service Knowledge. ...
  • Strong Time Management.

How do you give a 5 star customer service? ›

Here are five tried and true tips to infuse a mentality of five-star support directly into the culture of your company.
  1. Give your customer service team more information. ...
  2. Respond to customer feedback. ...
  3. Admit when you are wrong. ...
  4. Encourage personal development. ...
  5. Creatively and proactively problem solve.
24 Apr 2020

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  • Bargain Hunters. Some shoppers have heard you're having a sale. ...
  • Buyers. Some people are there on a mission. ...
  • Researchers. Some are researching. ...
  • New Customers. ...
  • Dissatisfied Customers. ...
  • Loyal Customers.
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  • Long-term. ...
  • Personal assistance. ...
  • Dedicated personal assistance. ...
  • Self-service. ...
  • Automated services. ...
  • Communities. ...
  • Co-creation.

What are the six step processes in determining customer's needs? ›

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  • Recognize the needs of your customers. ...
  • Make customer delight the end goal.
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Ultimately, all customer needs can be categorized into three main types: functional, social, and emotional needs.

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  • Email Support. ...
  • Live Chat Customer Service. ...
  • Chatbots. ...
  • Social Media Customer Service.
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What are the 5 C's of customer service? ›

Compensation, Culture, Communication, Compassion, Care

Our team at VIPdesk Connect compiled the 5 C's that make up the perfect recipe for customer service success.

What are the 3 ways to conduct customer needs? ›

Here are three ways to develop an understanding of your customers' needs so you can better serve them with your products and services.
  • Reflect on Your Experiences. ...
  • Observe Behaviors. ...
  • Conduct Interviews.
6 Aug 2020

What are the best practices that would meet and satisfy customer needs? ›

10 Ways to Meet and Satisfy Your Customer's Needs
  • Understand Your Customer's Needs.
  • Listen to their Feedback.
  • Set Realistic Expectations.
  • Pay Attention to Your Competitors.
  • Be Consistent in Communicating with Your Customers.
  • Take User Experience as a Priority 
  • Foster Loyalty through Proactive Customer Relations.
15 Nov 2019

What are 5 questions that will probe into a customers needs? ›

Sales probing questions examples
  • 1) How would you describe the problem you're facing (Problem solving)
  • 2) Do you have a budget in mind? ( Buying process)
  • 3) What criteria will you use to decide on closing? ( Deep probing)
  • 4) What is your current situation? ( ...
  • 5) Why isn't your current product working for you? (
6 Jun 2020

What are the 8 principles of customer service? ›

Here is a set of 8 principles of customer service for your business to abide by:
  • Be accessible.
  • Be prompt.
  • Be clear.
  • Be transparent.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Provide the human touch.
  • Learn the ins and outs of your product/service.
  • Be ready to go the extra mile.
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  • Network. ...
  • Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only. ...
  • Re-contact old customers. ...
  • Improve your website. ...
  • Partner with complementary businesses. ...
  • Promote your expertise.
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What are the 7 strategies of marketing? ›

The 7Ps of marketing are – product, pricing, place, promotion, physical evidence, people, and processes. The 7 Ps make up the necessary marketing mix that a business must have to advertise a product or service.

What are the 4 tips for making your customer happy? ›

How to Make Your Customers Happy
  • Below are 4 tips for making your customers happy.
  • Effective Communication. Be attentive; Listen to feedback and take notes to make sure you understand what your customer wants. ...
  • Take Responsibility. A successful entrepreneur ensures that every job is done the right. ...
  • Be Kind. ...
  • Be Consistent.
16 Aug 2013

What are the 5 golden rules of good customer service? ›

5 Golden Rules of Customer Service
  • Customer service is everyone's job. Every contact with your clients is important. ...
  • Ask questions and listen to the answers. ...
  • Promise only what you can deliver, and then over deliver. ...
  • Know how to apologize. ...
  • Treat employees well.
11 May 2015

What are the 3 most important things in customer service? ›

Essentially, the 3 important qualities of customer service center around three “p”s: professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude. Although customer service varies from customer to customer, as long as you're following these guidelines, you're on the right track.

What are the 5 Steps to Success for good customer service? ›

5 Steps to Customer Service Glory
  • Be Genuine: Personalize the Conversation. ...
  • Be Accountable: Don't Pass the Buck. ...
  • Be Empathetic: Listen, Acknowledge, Validate & Apologize. ...
  • Be Innovative: Provide Solutions. ...
  • Be Trustworthy: Never Make Impossible Promises.
9 Feb 2010

What are the six professional qualities in customer service? ›

6 Essential Qualities of the Best Customer Service Reps
  • High emotional intelligence (EQ) ...
  • A positive attitude. ...
  • Flexibility and adaptability. ...
  • Clear communication skills. ...
  • Familiarity with (and passionate about) your products or services. ...
  • Problem-solving skills. ...
  • Conclusion.
5 Nov 2018

What is a best customer service? ›

Good customer service means consistently meeting customers' expectations. Great customer service is quick, easy, personalized, and empathetic. Companies that deliver excellent customer service take the time needed to understand the needs of their unique customer base.

What is the best customer service strategy? ›

6 Ways to Maintain a Strong Customer Service Strategy
  • Regularly Communicate and Engage With Customers. ...
  • Close the Feedback Loop. ...
  • Create a Longstanding Program. ...
  • Invest in Self-Service Solutions. ...
  • Use Automation to Create a Personalized Customer Experience. ...
  • Improve Your Digital Customer Service.
1 Sept 2022

What are the 4 types of customer behavior? ›

There are four types of consumer behavior: habitual buying behavior, variety-seeking behavior, dissonance-reducing buying behavior, complex buying behavior.

What are the 3 customer types? ›

The Three Customer Types
  • The decisive customer. This customer type has decided to proceed through the decision making process quickly in order to complete the purchase. ...
  • The learning customer. The learning customer type starts out with no knowledge at all of the product. ...
  • The impulsive customer.
11 May 2015

What are the 4 customer types? ›

4 Customer Personality Types & How To Handle Them
  • The Analytical. People who possess this personality look for facts and figures in a sales presentation. ...
  • The Amiable. The Amiable are respectful, sociable, and trustworthy. ...
  • The Expressive. ...
  • The Driver.
16 Nov 2017

What are the different types of customer strategy? ›

But there are different opinions as to what customer strategy is. It could be segmentation, customer experience strategy, media strategy, offer strategy, brand communication strategy, or any combination of these.

What are the 6 steps of dealing with an angry customer? ›

Six Steps to Having Positive Outcomes with Angry Customers
  • Stay in Control of Your Emotions. The natural tendency when someone is venting at you is to adopt a defensive stance and start acting the same in return. ...
  • Acknowledge and Empathize. ...
  • Really Listen. ...
  • Apologize. ...
  • Solution Time. ...
  • Closeout and Learn.
15 Sept 2019

What is an example of good customer service? ›

To recap, this includes: Making sure you and your staff are knowledgeable about the products you sell. Being available for customer questions and responding promptly (even if it's negative feedback) Doing what you can to go above and beyond and make customers happy and feel special.


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